The Sorceress from the Sequel to "After 2012"

What mischief will the Sorceress create in the Sequel to "After 2012"?

I used to spend my days, nights, weekends and holidays as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a company with about 500 employees spread over 50 locations. Today, I have just a few clients who need my help and spend the rest of my time writing books…, novels mostly…, about whatever strikes my fancy. It’s far less stressful and much more enjoyable. When I’m not training employees, negotiating a contract or creating a proposal, I look for interesting material I can turn into a story. It may be all around me but deciding which person, place or thing to write about is difficult.

I’ve also shifted the way I write novels into the fast paced format of today’s eBook market to allow more people access to my stories at less cost with instant delivery. It’s fast, it’s easy for readers to buy and it saves our precious trees. Some, however, still like the feel of a traditional paper book so I continue to make those available as well but only where warranted.

Book Trailers” have become popular so I’m working on those as well. I keep mine limited to 60 seconds so viewers can get a quick idea of what my books are about. You can watch a couple of them on these links: “After 2012” – “Love, Lust and Conspiracy“. If you can enjoy the average movie in about 2 hours, do you want to spend the same amount of time reading a novel or do you want it to last and last for many hours? One is fast and visual. The other is slow and imaginative. Which do you prefer?