Pawns of the King

Pawns of the King – Copyright © 2011 – R. H. Politz

At a hotel casino VIP dinner party, I was looking for an available seat when I spotted an elderly man alone in a booth. He was a regular, a person who rarely said anything, avoiding most people and whiling away a few hours playing some of the thousands of slot machines spread out across the expansive casino floor. When he ordered a drink, I noticed his accent and asked, in my feeble attempt at the German language, if I could join him for dinner. He smiled. I sat. We ate and he told me of his past. Unusual for him I later found out but for some reason, we struck a chord of trust.

At the ripe old age of eighteen, Otto became a German Luftwaffe pilot. That’s right, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany, (1939) a pilot who flew into Poland and dropped bombs. To hear WWII stories from the source was captivating and quite different than that written in American history books. Picture the situation from an average Nazi soldier’s point of view. Otto and many of his colleagues were against Hitler’s war plans –– “It made no sense!” he exclaimed –– but…, they were under military orders and anyone who challenged those orders was summarily eliminated.

He and his friend talked of escaping the Third Reich’s iron fist by defecting to England. Although they spoke in secret, they were soon transferred to the eastern front to bomb Russian troops and military assets in preparation for the German infantry invasion. Many of the pilots found it disgusting and wrong to kill those who were merely protecting their own country from outside attack so some, including Otto, would “accidently overshoot” the human concentrations targeting their bombs into the forest past the Russian soldiers. Was this treason? Did their actions cause additional casualties of their own countrymen? Unknown but he lived with that terrible thought for many years.

There is a reunion of sorts each year in San Francisco where two German, one Japanese, one Brit and two American pilots gather. During “World War Two”, they were enemies. Not because they hated each other for some unforgivable action but because their respective government leaders ordered it. Such is the reason for all wars. The few in power decide when and how to spend the pawns to further their agenda. But, that’s another story for another time.

Otto may not make it to another reunion. The last time I saw him he was moving slowly with the aid of a walker and looking very much like a man near his end.

When the “enemy” shoots at you or you see your friend’s head blown off, you don’t think of who put you and your “enemy” into that battle. You don’t think of why you’re in a war, instead, you react to your training, eliminate the threat and try to survive.

Today, as I watch the Egyptian people riot in protest, I wonder, who has decided to begin our next war?



Non-Existent Personnel

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One – Missing Body Parts

“Park here Detective. Forensics hasn’t arrived yet,” mumbled the young patrolman while choking on his words. His face was white, his stomach churned and his hands were shaking. “I’ve never seen anything like this before… body’s over there.”

Andrew Blake got out of his car and looked toward the mutilated body about fifty feet away. He squinted at the gruesome scene, took a long breath, looked around and lit a cigarette.

“Who found him?”

“Man and a woman out for a run. They saw the body from that path up there. Hay, I thought you quit smoking Detective!”

Blake sucked another puff of smoke deep into his lungs. “Yeah – Right! That lasted about a week. How long before forensics gets here?”

“Should be any minute now.” He gasped. “I’ll be right back. Don’t let anyone––” He suddenly bolted toward the nearest tree and vomited. Blake shook his head, pulled a box of tissues from the car’s console and gave them to the patrolman.

“Sorry… I just––”

“Forget about it. It happens sometimes. Here, wipe yourself off.”

“You won’t say anything to––”

“Never happened, didn’t see a thing.”

By the next day, Blake had a very thin file folder on his desk. Unidentified Caucasian male approximately 60 years old… followed by the usual statistics and only one unusual comment. Head, hands and feet not recovered. He scanned the entries and threw the file into his, “need more information” pile before getting another cup of coffee.

To be continued…


The Sorceress from the Sequel to "After 2012"

What mischief will the Sorceress create in the Sequel to "After 2012"?

I used to spend my days, nights, weekends and holidays as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a company with about 500 employees spread over 50 locations. Today, I have just a few clients who need my help and spend the rest of my time writing books…, novels mostly…, about whatever strikes my fancy. It’s far less stressful and much more enjoyable. When I’m not training employees, negotiating a contract or creating a proposal, I look for interesting material I can turn into a story. It may be all around me but deciding which person, place or thing to write about is difficult.

I’ve also shifted the way I write novels into the fast paced format of today’s eBook market to allow more people access to my stories at less cost with instant delivery. It’s fast, it’s easy for readers to buy and it saves our precious trees. Some, however, still like the feel of a traditional paper book so I continue to make those available as well but only where warranted.

Book Trailers” have become popular so I’m working on those as well. I keep mine limited to 60 seconds so viewers can get a quick idea of what my books are about. You can watch a couple of them on these links: “After 2012” – “Love, Lust and Conspiracy“. If you can enjoy the average movie in about 2 hours, do you want to spend the same amount of time reading a novel or do you want it to last and last for many hours? One is fast and visual. The other is slow and imaginative. Which do you prefer?